About Hirschblau Consulting

Hirschblau Consulting is a boutique IT consultancy founded in 2011 by Daniel Heesch to serve the needs of young technology ventures, in London and elsewhere. We help emerging businesses take their ideas to market quickly, through high-level technology advice, agile software design and development, project management, protection of intellectual property, team hiring, and financing.

Our passion is for companies that want to tap into the enormous potential that recent advances in machine learning have opened up for businesses of all kinds. Deep learning, data analysis, natural language processing and visualisation are the areas we feel most excited about. Paired with a passion for theory comes a thorough understanding of the nature and complexity of modern engineering practice, an understanding also, and crucially, of the range of existing development tools, languages and frameworks that help to make software easier to write and to maintain, more powerful and more efficient: from Angular 2 and TypeScript, to TensorFlow and Spark.

With so much technology being made available through open-source frameworks, it sometimes needs fine judgement to decide whether to extend existing software, to integrate a number of off-the-shelf solutions, or to engineer something proprietary. When technology becomes a problem of choice, we help decision-makers balance the needs for rapid development and IP value creation.

Because much of what we do is bespoke and research-intensive, we implicitly provide more than a solution to a problem: clients for whom technology is a main differentiator benefit from innovative approaches that can help them significantly bolster their portfolio of intellectual property.

Email us at info@hirschblau.com to start the conversation.

Our Services

Software Development

We are passionate about developing elegant, innovative solutions to interesting problems. A solution can take the form of an entire web or mobile application, a back-office system, or a library serving a very specific purpose within a larger system. In all cases, we aim to deliver something bespoke that helps start-ups achieve early differentiation through technology. For some assignments, Hirschblau Consulting is responsible for all the engineering, for others, we are merely a temporary extension of your existing technical operations.


One early part of the business life-cycle, at least for technology companies, is to raise finance in exchange for equity from angel investors or venture capital firms. We love to get involved at this early stage. This can take many forms, from helping you prepare your pitches, getting you connected with angels, to making small co-investments as part of a seed round.

Technology Analysis

Technology analysis involves surveying the state of the art of a chosen field of technology that will help start-up companies to make the right choices. This service is offered also to business angel investors and venture capital firms that need independent expert advice as part of their technology due dilligence. We have a deep understanding of technologies from search, natural language processing to data mining and machine learning.

Intellectual Property

For companies with technology as a main differentiator and barrier to entry, protection of the intellectual property can be key. Patents are a powerful means of safeguarding your intellectual assets, and one that's highly prized when it comes to pitching for equity finance. Whether or not the technology originates with us, we see you through the early stages of patent drafting and filing.

Past Projects


New York, USA

myezzie is a soon-to-come collaborative travel planning app and personal assistant for web and mobile. Hirschblau Consulting has been responsible for infrastructure, architecture, all server-side software development, data aggregation, search and natural language processing.


London, United Kingdom

ASAP54 positions itself as the search engine for all things fashion. Hirschblau Consulting was engaged to help with algorithm design, software development, deep learning, recruitment, fund-raising, and team management. ASAP54 came runner-up in 2013's Techcrunch Disrupt. Its iPhone app was chosen by Apple as "App Of The Year" in 2014.


London, United Kingdom

Kevelo is the largest portal for road bikes in the UK covering nearly 100 brands and everything from time trial bikes, single speed bikes, track bikes, cyclocross bikes and the classic road bikes - in all its modern manifestations. Hirschblau Consulting was responsible for all parts of the development. Deep learning is used extensively for automated data acquisition and processing.


Wismar, Germany

Empora Group GmbH is a conglomerate of various technology startups, including Europe's first visual search company Pixsta Ltd - founded by Daniel Heesch in 2006. At Empora, Daniel was brought in to push through and manage the execution of a €1M+ research grant.

redpoint ventures

São Paulo, Brazil

A Brazilian venture capital firm engaged Hirschblau Consulting to help them with technology due dilligence in relation to a local fashion-tech start-up.